Very simple.
First you choose what kind of jackpot you want to play.
We have two groups of Jackpots:

  • Rental balance: The winners get money added to their rental balance.
  • Referrals: The winners earn referrals paid for one month.

On each of these two groups, you have a regular jackpot (higher prizes but higher ticket value) and a mini jackpot (smaller prizes and smaller ticket value).

Afterwards, you need to unlock the board (it's locked by default). Just click on "Unlock" at the top of the board.

Then, if you have enough funds in your main or jackpot balance, just pick a number (or a set of numbers) from the board.
You can only pick numbers in green squares. As soon as you purchase them, they'll turn orange and this way you'll know which ones are yours.
The numbers in the gray squares are tickets purchased by other players.

If you don't have enough funds in your main balance, you can always fund your jackpot balance with AlertPay.

When the last ticket is bought for each jackpot, the 5 winning numbers are automatically and randomly chosen and the users who bought those tickets will get their prizes credited.