today i had a withrawal of $100.51 US dollars from paypal. to my EON (debit) card.

note that i had a Bank Fee of $5 US dollars because i made a withdrawal to my EON Card.

you will save some money if you transfer your funds to your local bank instead.
if you are a reader of this post and you are currently staying at the philippines, and want to know more about the bank fees, then This post might help you.

i will be updating this post as soon as i receive the money i just transfered earlier today.

Good luck on transfering your funds!!!


UPDATE Friday, Feb 20, 2009 7:46AM Today or (maybe yesterday) I had received the funds i had transfered from paypal to my EON card.

Heres the Proof (click to resize):

the description says that i had received the withrawal of Php4,448.38 on my account last feb 18, 2009 which means i had only waited 3 days for the cash to be transfered successfully.

today i am planning to have a family outing with my wife and the "kids"

We're goin to have a new baby soon,.:)

anyways.. i would like to thank neobux for paying instantly and they now really do proved from they are infact the number one PTC site and the best in the Business. thank you so much neobux!

neobux advertisers for keeping advertising.

my wife, Zhani for Believing and supporting me all the way trough in the PTC business.

and at last, All my referrals. rented or direct I love you all!!! Thank you!!!

keep on clicking!

if I had the success, So can you! ;)

I've been on neobux for only 3 months of me making this post,. And Here's what i had earned so far:

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